Net Banking Security


Capital City Savings has implemented measures to provide a safe and secure Net Banking service. We are constantly monitoring our computer systems to ensure that there has been no security attack or unauthorized access.

The following are some of the key ways in which Capital City Savings protects you:

Your Net Banking Password: Special software monitoring everyone’s password allows only a few unsuccessful attempts before locking access to your account.
Encryption Technology: Capital City Savings uses 128-bit encryption technology that scrambles information transmitted over the Internet. In order to use Net Banking your computer must use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

Microsoft Internet Explorer  and Netscape Navigator  both offer 128-bit encryption. If your browser does not use this level of encryption, please download or purchase a browser with 128-bit encryption.

Firewalls: Capital City Savings uses firewalls to screen all in-bound and out-bound messages to ensure that only legitimate banking commands are able to pass through to the Net Banking system. Any messages that don’t meet strict requirements are rejected and the session is terminated. This technology stops hackers from gaining access to our site and to your personal data.

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