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Transfer your mortgage. It's time.

Why wait for the bird to chirp? Beat the clock and take advantage of our transfer in options today. You'll get great rates and more Proft$hare dividends.

Time is ticking.

Capital Line (Home Equity Mortgage)

Maybe it's a vacation, a cottage by the lake, RV, home renovation, or investment property. Whatever your dream achieve it sooner with a home equity Capital Line. Up to 75% of the equity in your home can be accessed through a revolving line of credit and interest is paid only on the amount you use.

Flexi-Five Year Mortgage at 6.00%*

Get the best of both worlds. The security of a fixed, five-year rate that is discounted with the flexibility to renew for a new five-year term at a lower posted rate should mortgage rates decline.

*Rate based on current posted 5-year mortgage rate less 0.75%. Rate may fluctuate without notice.

LessThanPrimeâ„¢ Mortgage at 4.25%*

Saving money appeals to everyone - and the faster you pay off your mortgage the more money you save. The LessThanPrime Mortgage gives you lower than Prime for as long as five years* - with the option to convert at any time.

*Prime less 1.50% for the first six months, Prime less 0.25% thereafter.

HomeStartâ„¢ The No Down Payment Mortgage

Bypass years of saving for a down payment and own your home today. Capital City Savings will provide the down payment by way of a 5% cash back payment.

Closed Mortgage

A closed term mortgage is your choice for security.  Your interest rate is fixed for the term of your mortgage and you have the comfort of knowing exactly how much your payments are during this period.

Open Mortgage

An open mortgage gives you the ability to payout, prepay, rewrite or renew at any time, without penalty. You can pay your mortgage in full or prepay any amount you wish. You can also renew your open mortgage anytime during the term, subject to a processing fee.

Six Month Convertible Mortgage

The six month convertible mortgage gives you the most flexibility and freedom. It provides a competitive interest rate and gives you the option to lock in when the time is right for you.

A mortgage from Capital City Savings puts you in a position to pay off your loan as quickly as possible through features that adapt easily to your lifestyle.


Complete a mortgage application before you start looking, then you can shop with confidence and move quickly when you've found your dream home.  To find out how much you can afford, call (780) 496-2000.

Home Buyers Plan

The Home Buyers Plan allows first time home buyers to withdraw up to $20,000 as a loan from their RRSP to use as a down payment. The loan is not considered income and will not be taxed as long as it is repaid within 15 years (minimum annual payments required).

20/20 Option

Our closed, convertible, LessThanPrime and HomeStart mortgages feature an annual prepayment privilege of up to 20% of the original mortgage as well as the annual option to increase the payment by up to 20% on the first day of any month, without penalty.

Free Mortgage Transfer

Transfer your mortgage over to Capital City Savings without hassle and at no cost to you.

Payment Options

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment plans are available depending on the mortgage you choose. Terms of six months to five years with amortizations up to 25 years give you complete flexibility in lifestyle planning.

Mortgage Portability

If it makes sense and can save you money, transfer the balance of your existing mortgage at the same rate, term and amount to the purchase of a new home in Alberta.

Easy Transfer

Transfer your present mortgage to Capital City Savings, hassle free.

Group Mortgage Protection Insurance

Find out in minutes if you could be paying less for insurance. Plus, be sure to ask about valuable homeowners' discounts. For a no obligation quote, call (780) 425-8188 or toll-free at 1-800-810-2847.

Realtor Connect

Buying or selling? Get connected to local, regional and national realtors from the top real estate companies in Canada. Click here for more information.

Contact us today for more information on any of our mortgage products or to make an appointment with one of our Personal Bankers. 

Phone 496-2000 or toll free 1-877-496-2151 or

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